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We offer the utmost support for achieving sound business results.

MESSE NAGOYA is a comprehensive international exhibition that cuts across industrial and business boundaries to get the word out broadly both within Japan and overseas on the products and services of our exhibitors, while also striving to help them expand sales channels and enhance personal connections.
In 2018, we brought it to a successful conclusion with a record-high 1,437 exhibiting companies and organizations and as many as 61,952 visitors. We believe that many of the participants who set up displays have experienced sound business results.
Thanks to all of you, this year marks the 14th MESSE NAGOYA and we shall display all our specialty products, technologies and services in one venue, thus hoping to be able to contribute to your fruitful achievement in more ways than one.
We cordially await your proactive exhibition and participation in this event.

Messe Nagoya Executive Committee
(Aichi Prefectural Government, City of Nagoya and Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

Chairman Messe Nagoya
Executive Committee
Makoto Mitsuya Vice Chairman, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Advisor, Toyota Motor Corporation

Dates November 6th (Wed.) - 9th (Sat.), 2019
Venue Port Messe Nagoya (Kinjo Pier, Nagoya Port)
Open Hours from 10:00 to 17:00
(*Nov.8th; till 18:00, Nov.9th; till 16:00)
Admission Free

Messe Nagoya Executive Committee
(Aichi Prefectural Government, City of Nagoya and Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

Supporting Organizations
* Provisional
Tokai Bureau of Telecommunications, Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Chubu Regional Bureau Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport,Chubu District Transport Bureau, Chubu Regional Environment Office, Nagoya Port Authority, Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) Nagoya, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) , Kansai Branch, The Energy Conservation Center, Japan, Tokai Branch, Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Japan(SMRJ) ,Chubu Head Office, Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute (GISPRI), Aichi Small Business Support Center, Chubu Economic Federation, Aichi Employers’ Association, Chubu Association of Corporate Executives,Chubu Productivity Center, Central Japan Industries Association,Environmental Partnership Organizing Club (EPOC), Chubu Center, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Special Supporters
* Provisional

Aichi-Nagoya International Business Access Center, Greater Nagoya Initiative Center, Tokai Japan-China Trade Center

Supporters The Chubu Keizai Shimbun; The Chunichi Shimbun
Exhibition Size 1,400 Exhibitors, 1,700 booths, 65,000 Visitors
Programs Business Seminar, Symposium, etc.

Access to Port MESSE NAGOYA

2018 Exhibitors 1,437 Companies and Organizations
2018 Visitors 61,952

Aichi Expo 2005
Establishment of Messe Nagoya Executive Committee

Year Exhibitors Visitors
2006 237 442 37,180
2007 380 790 54,840
2008 411 741 45,530
2009 439 724 44,119
2010 617 1,044 42,929
2011 657 1,037 50,753
2012 964 1,286 61,398
2013 1,179 1,509 61,751
2014 1,315 1,685 65,975
2015 1,346 1,694 63,802
2016 1,409 1,694 64,792
2017 1,432 1,714 62,831
2018 1,437 1,738 61,952

6 Consecutive Years Over 1000 Companies

Outline of Exhibitors * As of Dec., 2018

Category of Exhibitors

Purpose of Participation * Multiple answers allowed

Satisfaction Level of Exhibitors

Outcome of Messe Nagoya * Multiple answers allowed

Outline of Visitors *As of Dec., 2018

Category of Visitors

Business Meetings during Messe Nagoya * Multiple answers allowed

Purpose of Visit * Multiple answers allowed

Category of Application

At Messe Nagoya 2019, we are hoping to enhance cross-industrial interactions by grouping the exhibition proposals. Therefore, we would like to invite your application in the following 10 categories.

Category of Application

* Corporations or sole proprietors of not more than 5 years of establishment and with 20 or less regular employees(5 or less employees in case of commercial or service industries), are applicable.

2019 Exhibition Schedule (Planned)

Plan to support exchanges

Exhibitor exchange meeting

An exhibitor exchange meeting will be held on the first day of the exhibition. Exhibitors can interact with each other.

Exhibitor's presentation

Exhibitors can present their products and services at special venues.

Overseas expansion / Investment information corner

Government organizations can exhibit in this corner.

Plan to promote the visit

Business Seminar

Global seminar

If a government organization exhibits at Messe Nagoya, it will be able to hold an investment-related seminar free of charge.

The application for Messe Nagoya 2019 has been closed.

Secretariat of MESSE NAGOYA Executive Committee
(c/o Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
2-10-19,Sakae,Naka-ku,Nagoya 460-8422,JAPAN
tel : 81-52-223-5706 fax : 81-52-231-5703

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